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Cinderella's Story
     Once upon a time, there lived a nice man with a beautiful daughter. The man was lonely because his wife had died. But soon he remarried, to an old woman with two daughters. Unfortunately, he died very soon after his marriage, and he left his lovely young daughter in the care of her new stepmother. The stepmother loved her own two spoiled rotten daughters (Anastasia and Drizella) more, and made the child, whom they called Cinderella, sleep in the attic.
     Soon, all three of the girls were grown up. But Cinderella was forced to live as a maid in the mansion her father's money had bought, while Anastasia and Drizella were raised like princesses.
     While Anastasia and Drizella became more spoiled and meaner everyday, Cinderella grew in beauty and befriended the mice and birds in her home. She would protect them from Lucifer, the stepfamily's evil cat, and help Bruno, her father's dog, try to live peacefully in the house.
     One day, as Anastasia and Drizella were having music lessons, a royal envoy arrived. The king was holding a ball so that his son, the prince, could choose a bride. Every maiden in the kingdom was invited. Cinderella took the envoy to her stepmother and her stepmother read it out loud to her spoiled daughters. Maybe one of them could marry the prince!
     When Cinderella pointed out that she was invited too, and asked if she could go, the stepmother told her she could, as long as she was ready and all of her chores were done. Cinderella left happily to do her chores. But first, she went upstairs to get out the dress she wanted to wear. It was an old dress of her mother's which she would have to change a little bit. Right as she was ready to start, her stepfamily called her with many more chores for her to do. She had no choice but to leave her mice friends and her dress to go do what they wanted.
     Her mice friends soon realized the stepfamily's plan. They were going to keep her so busy that her dress wouldn't be ready by the time the ball came around. The mice resolved to sew the dress for her. The men mice went and collected an old sash and some beads that Anastasia and Drizella had thrown away, and the women mice started on the dress. Soon, it was time for the ball. The stepfamily started to head out the door as Cinderella watched, sad that she couldn't go.
     Cinderella went upstairs and was surprised when the mice presented her with the dress. She put it on quickly and ran downstairs to join her stepfamily in the carriage.
     But the stepfamily recognized the beads and sash the mice had used on the dress, and ripped them off. Cinderella, her dress ruined, ran crying to the garden as the stepfamily happily walked out the door to the carriage.
     Cinderella sat crying on a bench in the garden, when suddenly, her fairy godmother showed up.
     Her fairy godmother used the mice, a pumpkin, a dog, a horse, and a lot of Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo to give Cinderella a coach fit for a princess along with doormen and horses. Last but not least, she gave Cinderella a beautiful dress to wear, complete with glass slippers.
     Cinderella's fairy godmother warned her that everything would return to the way it was at the stroke of midnight, and to be sure and be home before then. Cinderella rode off in her carriage after her fairy godmother disappeared. She got to the ball quickly. She walked in just as the Prince was being introduced to Anastasia and Drizella. He saw Cinderella in the back and walked over to her. They dance all night long, to the great joy of the king.
     Just as Cinderella and the prince were about to kiss, the clock struck twelve. Cinderella rushed out, not even knowing she had danced with the prince. But she lost a glass slipper on the stairs. She did not have enough time to turn back and get it, she just ran. At the final strike of twelve, everything turned back to normal, but Cinderella was very far from the castle. When she looked at her feet, she saw that one glass slipper was remaining: It hadn't changed back. She thanked her fairy godmother for letting her fulfill her dream of going to the ball.
     Meanwhile, back at the castle, the prince only had the glass slipper as any clue to who Cinderella was. He didn't know her name, so he immediately ordered that the duke go around and try the glass slipper on every maiden in the kingdom in order to find Cinderella. Whichever maiden the shoe fit, he would marry. When the evil stepmother announced this to her daughters, Cinderella heard and went up to her room to get dressed. The stepmother, finally realizing that she had been at the ball and that she could be the one the prince was looking for, locked the door and took the key. Cinderella was trapped.
     The evil stepmother went downstairs to watch the duke try the glass slipper on her two daughters. But Cinderella's mouse friends took the key from the stepmother and, after a long fight with Lucifer, the cat, freed Cinderella. Cinderella came running downstairs just as the Duke was about to leave, having tried the slipper on Drizella and Anastasia. But as his servant was carrying the slipper over to try it on Cinderella, the stepmother purposely tripped him so that the slipper was dropped and shattered. But Cinderella pulled out her glass slipper, which she had kept, and the Duke rejoiced. Of course it fit, and she was whisked away to marry the prince.
     She and the prince were married, and they lived happily ever after.
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