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Meg's Story
     Meg's story starts out with a picture of a pot and a narrator speaking in the background. Soon, the more lively Muses, goddesses of the arts and proclaimers of heroes, take over the narration. They explain about a time in the past when gigantic monsters ran amuck destroying the world. But Zeus came along and trapped the 5 titans in a vault and became the most powerful god in the world. He now lives along with the other gods (except for Hades, Lord of the Dead) on Mount Olympus.
     The Muses take us to Mount Olympus, many years ago. Zeus and his wife Hera, have just had a bouncing baby boy they have named Hercules. He is very strong and extremely cute.
     Zeus thanks all the gods present for their gifts on the behalf of his son, but then Hera asks what their gift is going to be. Zeus takes pieces of the various kinds of clouds floating around and forms a flying horse for the baby Hercules, who he names Pegasus. Pegasus and Hercules become instant friends.
     Hades, the Lord of the Dead, shows up at the party and tries to give baby Hercules a deadly looking sucker. But Hercules grabs his finger and crunches it. Zeus encourages Hades to stay, but Hades leaves insisting that he had a full time occupation to fulfill, unlike the rest of the gods lounging about on Mt. Olympus. Hades leaves wishing Zeus would just disappear. He goes back to the Underworld and summons his two dominions: Pain and Panic. They tell him that the Fates have arrived, and he goes to meet them.
     The fates tell him that his plan to take over Olympus from Zeus in 18 years (with the help of the Titans), will fail if Hercules fights. Zeus knows he has to get rid of Hercules, so he goes into a special vault and gets a potion which, if Hercules drinks every last drop, will turn him completely mortal so he can be killed. He sends Pain and Panic to Olympus to kidnap Hercules. They succeed in kidnapping him with Zeus and Hera waking up after they're gone, and take him to the base of the mountain to feed him the potion. But they are interrupted by a peasant couple and the last drop spills onto the ground instead of into Hercules' mouth. As the couple holds baby Hercules, Pain and Panic morph into snakes and creep up to attack them. But Hercules, because he did not drink the last drop, retained his godlike strength and sent Pain and Panic flying. Pain and Panic resolved not to tell Hades that they failed their mission.
     Meanwhile, Zeus sent all the gods on a frantic search for the baby. But they didn't find him until after he was mortal. So Zeus and Hera had to watch their precious baby grow up from afar, because only gods can live on mount Olympus. The peasant couple resolved to raise Hercules as their own. Hercules was still wearing his necklace with the symbol of the gods on one side and his name on the other.
     Years later, Hercules helps his father take a load of hay to the market. However, Hercules cannot really control his strength, though he means no harm, and ends up knocking down the entire stone market by accident. The townspeople call me a freak and tell him to never come back. Hercules and his father go to a cliff to talk, but Hercules insists that the townspeople are right and he feels like he should be somewhere else. As his father is about to tell him about that night at the base of Olympus, Hercules walks away to think. He insists that he would travel miles to find where he belongs. When he comes home, his parents tell him how they found him and show him the pendant with the symbol of the gods. Hercules sets out immediately to go to the temple of Zeus to find where he belongs.
     When Hercules arrives at the temple and prays to the statue, Zeus comes into the statue and tells Hercules about his true godly heritage and why he is not a god now. He tells Hercules that to regain his god stature, he must become a true hero, starting with being trained by Philitetes, the trainer of heroes. Zeus reunited Hercules with Pegasus, who is now grown up, and Hercules and Pegasus leave immediately to find Philitetes.
     Hercules asks Philitetes to train him to be a hero, but Philitetes refuses. He tells Hercules about his dream of training the best hero, so that the gods would hang a picture of him in the stars and people would say "That's Phil's boy". But Phil insists that dreams are for rookies. But finally, with a little help from one of Zeus' lightning bolts, Phil agrees to train Hercules.
     The training is tough, but Hercules' passes with flying colors. He learns all the rules of heroism and learns to treat damsels with care. Though he does not succeed at first, he eventually grows and can handle anything Phil throws at him.
     Hercules begs Phil to let him go on a road test, and Phil finally agrees to take him to Thebes. However, they get side tracked in route because they hear a damsel scream and go to rescue her.
     Hercules comes to rescue Meg, a damsel who insists she can take care of herself, from a huge monster. After getting beat up a bit and losing his sword, Hercules finally beats the monster and rescues Meg.
     Meg leaves Hercules after making both Pegasus and Phil hate her, and Hercules is beside himself with awe. He thinks she is really something special, but Phil bumps him onto Pegasus and takes him off to Thebes.
     Meg walks into the forest and meets Hades, Pain, and Panic. When Hades asks why the River Guardian isn't going to be joining his team for the uprising, and adds two years onto Meg's sentence, Meg tells him about Hercules. Hades yells at his two dominions Pain and Panic for not killing Hercules like they said he did, and vows to get rid of Hercules before he can mess up Hades' uprising.
      Meanwhile, in Thebes, Hercules is having trouble convincing anyone that he is a hero. The mob just calls him an amateur and makes fun of Phil.
     Suddenly, Meg shows up and tells Hercules about a rock slide outside of town where two little kids are trapped. Hercules and Meg ride away on Pegasus as Phil runs after them. When Hercules gets there, he lifts up the giant rock to free the little kids, who immediately run off.
     The two little kids run up to where Hades and Meg are watching and morph back into Pain and Panic. Meg looks sadly down at Hercules as suddenly, a huge monster comes out of the cave he just opened up. After a long, hard battle, where Hercules gets swallowed and fights the zillion headed monster, Hercules finally kills the monster in a rock slide and saves the day. The crowds go wild and carry him out as Hades fumes and Meg claps, amazed. From that day forward, Hercules is a celebrity.
     Hades, still trying to get rid of Hercules because he can ruin his take over plan, throws everything he has at him, but it barely nicks him.
     Suddenly, Hades realizes that maybe he hasn't been throwing the right "curves" at Hercules. Meg refuses to do anything, but Hades brings up her past. She had sold her soul to Hades to save her boyfriend's life, only to have him run off with another girl.
     Hades promises Meg that if she finds out what "Wonder boy's" weakness is, he will give her her freedom, which is what she craves the most.
     Hercules goes to see his father one night because he is convinced with all his celebrity status that he has become a true hero and its his day to rejoin the gods. But Zeus tells him that he's not quite there yet and Hercules asks what more he can do. But all Zeus can tell him is to look inside his heart, then Zeus leaves. Hercules becomes frustrated and sad, and is comforted by Pegasus.
     Hercules becomes very upset one day and insists that he is tired of being a hero. When Phil reminds him that to become a god he has to be one, Hercules just insists that he gave it everything he had. Phil convinces him to keep on going, but suddenly, some screaming fans break into the room and jump on Hercules. Phil tells him to use escape plan B, and Hercules disappears. As the girls wonder where he went, Phil screams that he's on the verandah and follows the screaming girls out.
     Meg closes the door behind him, and looks around the room for Hercules. She spots him behind a curtain and asks him if he wants to take a break from being a hero. She invites him to play hooky with her for an after noon and he can't help but agree to go.     
     Meg and Hercules spend the entire afternoon seeing the sights of the city, including a restaurant and the tragedy of Oedipus. In the evening, they go to a peaceful garden full of statues. Meg tries to discover Hercules' weakness, but he doesn't have one. Meg tells Hercules that she doesn't want to get hurt, but Hercules promises he would never hurt her. They lean in to kiss. But Phil and Pegasus swoop down and interrupt them.
     Hercules says goodbye to Meg by kissing her on the cheek and giving her a flower. Phil pushes him onto Pegasus and they begin to fly off. But Phil gets knocked off by a low flying branch and falls unconscious behind a pillar.
     Meg stays in the garden and dreams about Hercules. But she refuses to admit that she's in love. The Muses come to try to get her to admit it, but she won't, at least, not out loud.
     Hades shows up and tries to get Meg to tell him what Wonder boy's weakness is. But she refuses to help Hades by hurting Hercules. While they are arguing, Phil wakes up and hears them. He thinks that Meg wants to hurt Hercules, and runs off to tell Hercules, too quickly to hear what's really going on. Hades spots the flower in Meg's hand and realizes that Hercules' weakness is his love for Meg. Hades vows to use this to help him. His takeover is scheduled to begin in less than 24 hours and he needs to get rid of Hercules now.
     Phil runs off to tell Hercules about Meg's treachery. While he and Hercules are talking, Pegasus is lead into a room and kidnapped by a female horse, who turns out to be Pain and Panic. Meanwhile, Hercules and Phil are arguing so much about Meg's intentions that Phil leaves to go back home. Hercules watches sadly, but insists he doesn't need Phil. Suddenly, Hades shows up. He convinces Hercules to give up his strength for the next 24 hours to free Meg, even though Meg shakes her head for Hercules not to do it. Hercules makes Hades promise to keep Meg safe from any harm and Hades agrees. Hercules and Hades shake hands and Hercules looses his strength for 24 hours while Meg gains her freedom.
     Hades tells Hercules about how Meg has been working for him all along and Hercules collapses to the ground in tears as Meg does the same. Hades leaves them both crying on the ground as he rides off to free the Titans and take over Mount Olympus from Zeus. He arrives just in time at the Titans' prison. The planets line up and form a passage down to their prison under the sea. Zeus releases the Titans and sends the giant monsters out to Mount Olympus, except for one of them. He sends the giant Cyclops to find Hercules and kill him. The other 4 Titans arrive at Mount Olympus, where Zeus sends all of the gods out to fight them. But they are quickly defeated As Zeus is being captured and put inside a mountain by the Titans, Hades arrives and takes over the throne. Meanwhile, the giant Cyclops has found Hercules, and Hercules, even though Meg tries to stop him, goes out to meet his death.
     Meg finds Pegasus and releases him. She and Pegasus go off to find Phil and get him to convince Hercules to fight back. Phil finally agrees to come, and they arrive just in time as Hercules is about to be killed. Phil convinces him to fight back, and Hercules defeats the Cyclops even without his strength. But he doesn't notice that a giant pillar is about to fall on him. Meg pushes him out of the way and the pillar falls on her instead. Hercules tries to lift the pillar, and suddenly he regains his strength. Meg explains that he has his strength back because Hades' deal is broken: He promised she wouldn't get hurt. She tells Hercules that she saved him because she loves him. Hercules promises Meg that she will be all right, and rides away on Pegasus to stop Hades and set everything right. Phil stays to take care of Meg.
     Hercules arrives just as Hades is leading all the gods away in chains. He releases his father, Zeus, from the mountain trap and cuts the chains from all the gods. Zeus begins to fight again and the Titans flee from his lightning bolts. Hades yells his thanks to Hercules, but assures him that at least he has Meg, who is dying at that moment. Hercules races back, but the Fates cut Meg's thread of life with their scissors just as he arrives, and Meg dies.
     Hercules races down to the Underworld and demands that Hades give him Meg back. Hades leads him down and shows him the giant river of death, in which Meg's soul is floating.
     Hercules makes a deal with Hades. If Hercules can get Meg out of the river of death, then she goes, and he stays in her place. Hercules dives in, and Hades yells that he will be dead before he can get to Meg. The river of death begins to kill him and the Fates pull up Hercules' thread of life. Hercules reaches for Meg's hand, and just as the Fates try to cut his string, the string turns golden. They try to cut it, but it refuses to cut. Hercules comes out with Meg in his arms and Hades screams his frustration because Hercules has become a god just as he was about to die. Hercules punches Hades and takes Meg's soul back to her body and puts them together, bringing her back to life.
     Meg asks why he risked his life to save her, and Hercules tells her it is because he loves her. Just as they are about to kiss, the whole crew is whisked away to Mount Olympus on a flying cloud.
     Zeus and Hera welcome him back. They explain that he regained his god-hood because he was willing to give his life to rescue Meg, because a true hero is measured, not by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart. The gates of the gods' realm open and Hercules can finally go home. All the gods rush to congratulate him.
     Meg walks away sadly, knowing that she cannot go with him. But Hercules goes down to her and tells Zeus and Hera that he wants to remain on earth with Meg and gives up his god-hood for her. At last, they finally kiss.
     Hermes gives the Muses their cue, and they begin the final song about Hercules and Meg.
     Hercules, Meg, Phil, and Pegasus return to earth just as Zeus takes the stars and form a picture of Hercules in the sky. People look up and say "That's Phil's boy" as Phil realizes that his dream is finally fulfilled. Everyone celebrates.
The End

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