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     Disney's Hercules has one of the best heroines of all time: Meg. Even though she is not technically a princess, she is still a very awesome heroine. She has an attitude of her own, and got into a hard situation due to some trouble with men earlier in her life.
     She never lets anyone make up her mind for her, and keeps a "cool girl" attitude throughout the entire movie. However, she falls hard for the sweet and honest Hercules, who returns her love whole heartedly. But the comic bad guy Hades uses their budding romance to fit his own evil plan. But Meg's love for Hercules saves his life, and his love for Meg saves hers.
     Meg is one of the only Disney characters with an attitude, and she uses it very well. Her attitude combined with Hades' down to earth wisecracks, and Pain and Panic's comic relief, cast a funny feeling into a movie which has a lot of drama.
     If you're not familiar with the story of Hercules, please click on the flower below, which will take you to an illustrated, condenses version of the movie. It is a spoiler, so if you plan to see the movie and don't want to ruin the ending, come read it after you've seen it. Its a great story and everyone should be familiar with it. Thanks for visiting Meg's page!
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